Velobike Track Sprint Handlebars

Velobike Track Sprint Handlebars

Dráhová sprinterská řidítka

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Značka: Velobike
8 950 Kč
Kategorie: Řidítka

Dráhová řidítka Velobike track sprint jsou vyvinuta především pro sprinterské disciplíny. Dominanta těchto řidítek je uzký úchop až 300mm díky, kterému máte měnší odpor vzduchu a využíváte tak skvěle Vaší aerodynamické polohy. Navíc díky úzkému rozměru řidítek se budete moci skvěle pohybovat v balíku a vlezete se tak do každé skulinky.


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Available for pre-order now, contact us for more information about availability and shipping. Contact us via email for more information about delivery and availability to other countries outside the Czech Republic.

The Velobike Track Sprint Handlebar has been optimised to meet the strength requirements of the worlds top track sprinters.

Analysed using FEA (finite element analysis) software to simulate how the handlebars will behave under various physical conditions to refine the balance between the aero and bluff profiles in combination with the strength characteristics of the tubes.

The resulting design has been fatigue and static overload tested to over double the ISO requirements for racing bicycle handlebars.

Sculpted drop transition for various grip positions through the drop and grip zones.

An oversize grip diameter of 27mm was selected to reduce the grip force required and reduce strain on hand and wrist joints especially during standing starts. This reduces the risk of injury while locking your upper body for maximum power transfer through the bike.

The handlebars include a complimentary set of our Gen 2 Aero End Plugs (size: Large) worth NZD$90. They were specially designed to match the bars.

 Velobike Track Sprint Handlebars


  • UCI legal for the 2023 ruleset
  • Ceramic gloss finish
  • Japanese Toray High Modulus Carbon Fiber
  • 300mm, 320mm and 350mm widths (center to center)
  • 100mm reach (center to leading edge)
  • 115mm drop (center to center)
  • ø27mm oversize grips 
  • ø31.8mm stem clamping area 
  • 7° grip angle
  • Designed and tested to 2x ISO strength requirements



  • Handlebar (x1)
  • Bar ends (x2)

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